We do believe that it is of fundamental importance that a proper term—that will imply complexity of research methods and intelligent technologies implementation—should be defined for our new city design procedures. On the research agenda are questions arising from the synthesis of architecture, urban design, computer science and sociology. Interdisciplinary expert teams should engage in developing and designing improved protocols for the relationship City-Data-Planner-Citizen.

Dr. -Arch. Ana Cocho-Bermejo is an expert in Machine Learning & Adaptive Architecture and in multidisciplinary design with innovative technologies and theories & digital fabrication. Since 2004 registered Architect and Urban Planner in UK & Spain. Main research topics are:

· Research in adaptable behaviours based on Complex Systems Theory with an AI behaviour.

· Digital fabrication & performance through microcontrollers with  Machine Learning implementation.

· Adaptive and complex future cities.

Principal @ [EmDeplo] Architecture  & Morphogenetic Research

Vice-Dean @ UIC Barcelona School of Architecture


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