Collaborative housing: Coliving, wihthout limits for the collaborative culture!

The idea of ​​collaborative housing has been one of the latest contributions that the trend of “collaborative life” has proposed, coining the term Coliving.

Especially in the United States, they have already emerged, a large group of associations and startups that research new ways to develop this idea.

One of the proposed approaches is the idea of a network within which its members pay a one time fee and have a large number of houses around the world available for them.

As explains in his manifesto:

“It’s about finding new ways to live and make a home, highlighting the importance of community over individualism, collaboration instead of competition and the importance of sharing compared to consumption.”

Krash on the other side allows its inhabitants to stay between six and eight months as needed and offers them all kinds of training and services for their daily life.

Embassynetwork offers young people and nomads the idea of ​​ open door houses that they began with a large Victorian mansion in San Francisco.

Ways of living a life are really infinity but it is just now that we are starting to develop and think about them.

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