Social intelligence: why Big Data just profits big enterprises?

Nevertheless having the word social within its name, Social Intelligence, does not refer to cleverer societies through shared decision making or sharing economies.

The term Social intelligence is commonly use to refer to the set of data obtain from current/possible future users of a product or service, not only form they social networks behaviours but also from any other data set able to be legally obtain from them. What you tweet altogether with to who and when you make a phone call, or, your traffic tickets, when crossed and analysed, will result into highly value information.

One of the main questions arising lately about the ubiquitous Big Data implementation is how it will be able to be profitable for SMEs.

It is clear nowadays that big corporations will obtain an exponential income increase due to the type of user studies and efficacy optimization that will be concluded through Big Data analysis.

In that sense the companies leading the Smart City revolution, for example, are mostly software companies (IBM, Cisco, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Hitachi, Oracle…)

But, how Big Data will affect the daily life of SMEs?

SMEs are not normally the owners of such amount of data and also do not have the resources to analyse Big Data files in case they would like to invest and buy them.

So, apart from being future clients for the Big Data seller & analyser companies, will they have any direct benefit without the investment on Data Based Products sold by these type of big corporations?

A priori, Big Data market is a market for big enterprises. Enterprises that will base business decision on the analysis this type of data and its conclusions.

So investing in Big Data for them seems a priori quite reasonable.

But what about SMEs? Apart from building already done market studies Big Data based, how they can benefit from the new Big Data world?

SMEs should move from fascination on Big Data to its applicability to their businesses. Social intelligence fascination circle should transform in a pragmatic circle for SMEs in a very short term if they do not want to be just clients of big corporations just contributing to their benefits.